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e-Business Tactics

How to use broadband to grow your business!


NC Broadband: Smart e-Business Tactics

Helping North Carolina small businesses utilize the Internet for greater productivity and economic benefit.

Broadband enhances the ability of businesses in virtually all industries to connect with new customers, communicate with suppliers, share information internally, and gather external information that informs business decisions.

However, not all businesses have been able to turn the potential of broadband into measurable success in terms of jobs and income, staff attraction and retention, and increased customer base and revenues.  Leveraging broadband to compete in an increasingly global market requires skills, training, and both formal and informal support.

The NC Broadband e-business tactics are designed to support small businesses in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of the potential of the Internet. These tutorials are all self-directed and include a broad range of information, including:

  • Clear information that describes important capabilities of the Internet, such as cloud computing;

  • An outline of the benefits (and limitations) of these Internet “solutions”, as well as what motivations are most likely to generate interest of owners and managers;

  • An outline of the best practices for adopting each of these Internet solutions;

  • A planning process for adopting the Internet solution in your own business or organization; and

  • A large number of links to online resources to help in each of the above.


e-Business tactic websites:

The following e-Business resource websites are currently available and additional sites may be added in the near future.

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The Cloud: this module defines the cloud, explains benefits for business, how to use it and additional information. Find information on the most popular and effective cloud tools and how they perform to help save your company time, money and improve processes.

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Remote work: working from home and hiring workers remotely can be a benefit to businesses, workers and the greater community. This module is designed for both employers and remote workers. The module describes different types of remote work, how to get started, a technical how-to guide and more. The Cloud module is also recommended if you are exploring remote work opportunities.

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Security: over 60 percent of North American small businesses do not have an online security plan. Does this apply to you? Maintaining customer data protection and general security is critical to small businesses and remote workers. If you use the Internet with your business for reservations, storage, emailing, or web browsing, this module applies to you.

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Selling online: selling goods and services online has been around to some degree since the Internet and worldwide web became established. However, online sales have truly taken off over the past ten years – growing fourfold in the US between 2002 and 2012 and reaching $1 trillion globally. This trend will only continue as technologies continue to evolve and become even more prevalent in both the consumer and business environments. This creates opportunities and challenges for both new and established businesses – opportunities to “cash in” on a growing trend along with challenges of how to make it happen and stresses to more established business models. How can your business cash in? 

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Online marketing: your company has invested time and money in a website and/or online presence in eStores, services, products.Now for the most important step. HOW DO YOU GET PEOPLE TO YOUR SITE?  Online marketing , also known as eMarketing is one of the most critical methods. Visit this module to review the main online eMarketing activities including: social media, email, newsletters, video, content, PR, blogging and more…

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Customer service:
 this e-Business tactics is designed for small to medium businesses who want to explore online customer support and it’s importance in business success. We know that good customer service is crucial to keep customers and to attract new ones through referrals and reputation – but what does “good” really mean and just how important is good customer service to your online business activities? 

Benefits of these e-Business tactic websites:

How businesses are using these websites:

Value: A one stop site for businesses to learn and apply “Internet solutions” easily. In these modules you will find:

  • information and resources on various Internet tools 

  • Best practices 

  • Templates, case studies, product reviews etc. to implement a work plan for your business

Powerful: This is the only e-business learning series that has gathered all of the relevant tools, data, statistics, case studies, best practices into one online North Carolina focused resource.

Business cases: What are similar companies doing that is successful in the region?

Money saver: As a business owner or manager, this site will save you countless hours of research

  ….and all of the tools are free.

Education: Identifying key issues and best practices,plus links to a broad range of resources.

Strategic planning: Identifying which applications provide the best results for a company. Step by step outlines for creating an action plan.

Resources: Find some of the best articles and sources that specialize in your area of interest. Save hours of research with the Resource pages.

Launch an Internet strategy: How to create a plan as an employer or a worker-and execute it.

Relevant: The site offers resources for companies and organizations like YOURS – because it was built on data from businesses in North Carolina.

North Carolina statistics: This website draws on examples from other small to medium enterprises, as well as businesses in North Carolina.