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fitness & nutrition

Specialties: Circuit Training, Motivational Interviewing, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition

Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer • Strong Nation Licensed Instructor • RIPPED Certified Instructor • Xtreme Hip Hop Certified Instructor , Reiki

Many years ago, I began to realize that my passion for helping people exceeded beyond the walls of my counseling office. I have always known the benefits of exercise, but began to really look at the emotional and mental benefits in addition to physical. My background is Social Work with a Master’s in Counseling, I then added Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer to the list of licenses.

After my daughter was born, I began to take up Zumba classes to get back in shape. Those Zumba classes turned into boot camps, weight training, and led me to the multiple certifications I now carry. I have always been an avid sports and fitness lover. I played sports in College as well as community leagues. I love being active and taking individuals on my journey too.

My education and experience taught me that no matter where a person is on their journey, meet them there. Regardless where you are, transformation is here for you. We will look at internal as well as external transformations. We know that our strongest muscle is our Mind so we must train it, and train it well. fitness & nutrition

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