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and video hotspots

VidPowr helps businesses to maximize their customer engagement and render their video interactions based on the data they’ve already collected from them.

It takes just seconds to fetch your existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, VidTags, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any 3rd party MP4 video link and transform it with VidPowr.

Use VidPowr’s powerful interactivity add-ons to turn these videos into a personalized, dynamic, and interactive viewer experience that drives results & conversions.

Some Great Features of VidPowr

✔️ Create interactive videos with VidPowr

✔️ Lightning-fast streaming & video customization

✔️ Add optin forms in your video

✔️ Create conditional videos

✔️ Create video sales pages and playlists

✔️ Shoppable videos: Sell directly inside your video

✔️ Capture and collect client or viewer’s feedback

✔️ Secure & protect your videos

✔️ Speak your audience’s language

✔️ Create interactive video quizzes, polls & questionnaires.

✔️ Port your training/sales videos and courses to VidPowr and video hotspots

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