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ONPASSIVE is Rising Up
ONPASSIVE is not just a business; it was our beloved CEO, Mr. Ash Mufareh’s vision, and it became a movement to lift up humanity and change the world in a positive way.

It will at least change your world big time. Get Ready for the GrONPASSIVE is the best and most complete online marketing business.

100% done for you! Hands-Free! Your success is guaranteed!

Please watch a few of the videos below to find out what ONPASSIVE is.

and why we are so confident about our financial future.


“ONPASSIVE is a disrupter in every true sense of the word.” What we have accomplished, and are completing, is historical. We are not messing around. We are creating history; we are creating value that will make you successful beyond your imagination like never before! ” -Mr. Ash Mufareh


ONPASSIVE is an AI technology company that develops fully autonomous SaaS products using the latest AI software technologies for a global customer base. We accelerate innovation and transform organizations through strategy, design, implementation, and management. ONPASSIVE AI, is a company that brings competitive advantage, innovation, and new perspectives to business and technology challenges.

Our wide range of AI products and solutions aims to digitally transform global business. ONPASSIVE’s product innovations and digital transformation strategies enable the reinvention of business models, enabling customers to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

We deliver the total value of breakthrough artificial intelligence technology solutions that are easy to use, customize and scale, enabling our customers to thrive in a fully connected world. We strive to help our clients build stronger customer relationships, increase sales, identify new opportunities and analyze marketing results to improve their businesses.

Strategic IT at ONPASSIVE Consulting services provides a viable business with an efficient toolset that works on autopilot and infinite and unlimited business traffic volume. The solutions we highlight and work on automating a wide range of tasks will make your business more profitable.

The organization also focuses on providing advanced artificial intelligence technology adaptable to enterprises of different sizes and updating and implementing IT development services. Similarly, small businesses benefit from our solutions by equipping them with the latest technology to avoid competing with large global corporations.eatest Shape of Your Life!


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