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jeddah prayer times offers a free-to-all daily prayer times for more than 120 cities and counties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through an elegant user interface that’s very easy to use as well.

You’re welcome to visit us every day!

Are you interested in being informed with daily prayer times in all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

and keeping track of Adhan and Iqama times in your local city/county?

here’s a great site that’ll help you with 1,500 cities in all 126 governorates and all 13 provinces kingdom wide.

This site calculates prayer times follow the Umm-Alqura calendar methodology, which is the official calculation methodology that’s used in the Kingodom of Saudi Arabia.

This includes below provinces:
* Mecca Province
* Riyadh Province
* Asir Province
* Jazan Province
* Medina Province
* Qassim Province
* Tabuk Province
* Ha’il Province
* Najran Province
* Jawf Province
* Bahah Province
* Northern Borders Province
* Dammam Province is available in seven languages, which are listed below:
1. Arabic (العربية)
2. English
3. Indonesian (BAHASA INDONESIA)
4. Urdo (اردو)
5. Bengali (বাংলা)
6. Hindi (हिन्दी)
7. French (FRANÇAIS)

and guess what? there’s more!

Our services are offered through both Desktop/Mobile websites, our social media accounts in Twitter / Instagram platforms, and soon to be offered in a totally revolutionary mobile app!

So what are you waiting for? all you have to do is click on the link below & dive right in:

with you’ll be able to easily keep track of your daily prayer times with absolute ease!

our customer centric interface allows you to smoothly navigate through the pages of new favorite Islamic Prayer Times website.

Starting with Fajr prayer, at dawn every day you’ll be able to start your day strong!

then comes sunrise time, which marks the end of Fajr prayer’s time window.

Dhuhur prayer then follows, which marks the middle of your work day, it’s time to prayer and grab a long awaited lunch break. If you’re lucky you’ll even grab a quick nap before the next prayer time!

Asr prayer comes along marking the end of your lunch/nap break, your day is drawing to an end and you should wrap up whatever tasks you have left on your To-Do list.

Maghrib prayer then announces itself at sunset, muslims who have been fasting all day can finally break their fast!
after Maghrib is a great time to catch up with family member over a pot of delicious coffee! seeing how your parents, brothers and sisters are doing is great for strengthening your relationships with each other.

Last but not least comes Isha prayer time, which is the prayer that marks the end of your day & is then followed by catching up on some quick shopping before grabbing your dinner meal & heading to bed. helps you with staying on top of your busy daily schedule & ensures that your prayers are all on time!

we’d be delighted to have you visit us for the first time by directly typing in our domain name: , or through Google search engine by looking up “prayer times riyadh” , “jeddah prayer times” , “islamic prayer times” and many other Google search keywords.

here is a list of the current live features on the web site:
– Home Page
– Today’s Prayer Times Page
– Fajr Prayer Page
– Dhuhur Prayer Page
– Asr Prayer Page
– Maghrib Prayer Page
– Isha Prayer Page
– Ramadan Month Calendar Page
– Add Widget To Your Site Page

In addition to the above site features, here are some future features that’ll be live on within the few coming weeks:
– Morning and Evening Azkar (Remembrances)
– Hijri To Gregorian Calendar Converter
– A list of all mosques within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
– Create Your Very Own Ramadan Kareem Card
– Tasbeeh Counter
– Qiblah Finder
– Eid al-Fitr Prayer Page
– Eid al-Adha Prayer Page
– Jummah Prayer Page
– Dhuha Prayer Page
– Qiyam Prayer Page
– Live prayer streaming from around the world
– Blog
– Shop

Looking forward to have you visit us on
And follow us on social media:

Twitter: @riyadh_salatie
Instagram: riyadh_salatie

The Team jeddah prayer times

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