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Bamboo poles 3 inches

Bamboo Poles, use them for fencing, tiki bars, decks and Home Décor Construction-grade, thick-walled Bamboo

Bamboo Creasian provides commercial grade and quality bamboo pole products as Moso bamboo poles, Solid walled thickness bamboo poles, construction bamboo poles from the tropical jungle in Asia – where we can select the highest quality bamboo in the world because the tropical weather condition helps bamboo growing-strength most.

Bamboo poles and cane are durable, sustainable materials in the World of green building products. Our bamboo poles are harvested and well-treated from mature bamboo trees at 4-6-year in Southeastern Asia tropical jungles. The bamboo poles are maximum thick walls and strong structure density, large bamboo poles diameters from 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5 ” to 6″ with lengths up to 12′. Bamboo poles 3 inches