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Calligrapher in NYC

I Am Viviane
~ A calligrapher, hand engraver and stationery designer based in Manhattan.~

I am the founder of Viviane Rodrigues Calligraphy, minority and woman-owned calligraphy, design and engraving business.

I am originally from a small city in Brazil, in the countryside of Sao Paulo. And I honestly never would’ve thought I’d become a calligraphy professional in New York City. I had a corporate job in product development for a shoe company but my heart was never in it. I have always been crafty and enjoyed working with my hands, creating everything from ceramics to mosaics. But, it was only when I moved to New York that I discovered this new world of modern calligraphy.

What I love about the art of calligraphy is the subtle elegance and pure pleasure it creates. In this digital age where writing is arguably “dead,” hand lettering is almost like a breath of fresh air. Imagine opening an envelope, hand addressed to you. Your name is in an elegant, beautiful script that just bursts from the edges. It makes you feel special, loved and appreciated. That’s the feeling I always get when opening a handwritten letter. Calligraphy is an age-old tradition that still takes our breath away.

Kara Akagawa said: “Calligraphy is an art form that uses ink and a brush to express the very souls of words on paper.” I believe I create the same experience for every one of my clients through my hand lettering. Calligrapher in NYC