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prevent type 2 diabetes

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with prediabetes. I was struggling with poor health — unpleasant body composition, low energy, brain fog, shallow sleep, multiple symptoms, and upon all, frustrated with too much confusing information online. What I did know was that the root cause of my chronic conditions was my diet and lifestyle. Considering that doctors only diagnose the disease and suppress the symptoms with drugs, I decided to take responsibility and dig into the science by myself.

I started reading books, researching hundreds of scientific studies, and listening to health podcasts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, and fitness. This process has transformed a software engineer into a research-obsessed nutrition and lifestyle investigator.

Since 2017 I have been on intermittent fasting, low-carb, strength training, and a form of meditation that truly made me the best version of myself. I am 59 years old. My body is wrapped in solid lean muscle. My metabolism is fast and insulin sensitive. I enjoy a vibrant, clear mind. My sleep has greatly improved, and I experience no symptoms.

Author & Certified Diabetes Educator Morteza Ariana
Author & Certified Health Coach Morteza Ariana
My mission
Many people struggle with poor health because they lack the motivation, skills, knowledge, and resources to make sustained changes in their lifestyle choices. My mission, therefore, is to provide you with evidence-based knowledge and support to mobilize internal strengths, external resources, action steps, and accountability toward a healthy lifestyle and behavior change.

Health Choaching Related Education

CME „Continuing Medical Education Course on Low Carb” Treating metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity with therapeutic carbohydrate restriction, Post Graduate Institute for Medicine USA. prevent type 2 diabetes