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bird toy parts

We have been in the bird toy business for over 25 years and our motto is simple – if we wouldn’t give it to our bird, we won’t sell it to yours! Everything we sell is as safe as it gets.

Our products are manufactured, stored, and shipped from a TOTALLY BIRD FREE environment and are NON-TOXIC. That includes the following:
Zinc-Free, Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated Hardware ONLY
FDA Approved, Food Grade Dyes
100% Cotton Rope
Untreated Natural Fiber Rope, such as hemp, coconut rope and paper rope
Responsibly sourced items, no mass-imported, generic toys from China
Rest assured in our 25 years experience. We are family owned and operated in beautiful northern Arkansas, where bird toys are all that we do (we do not sell or breed birds). This is our livelihood and our passion – if an item is considered even questionably safe, we won’t carry it in our inventory. bird toy parts