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vulnerability management

Hi, I’m Gerard
I’m a security specialist with a strong focus on web applications. I’ve been working in the industry for more than 10 years, performing Web Audits and Penetration Testing, but also as a full stack developer.

In my spare time I do security research, bug bounties, participate in capture the flag competitions and contributing to open source projects.

Email (PGP)
Performing an in-depth analysis of your organization’s security, vulnerabilities and weak points in all available environments and resources through a systematic testing process.
Web Security
Deep-dive manual penetration testing, reporting and follow up of your web applications and web services’s vulnerabilities by following the WSTG OWASP procedures.
Red Team
Adversarial-based attack simulation to test the defenses of people, software and hardware of your organization, using real-life attack vectors.
Security Consultancy
Helping businesses identify critical and data assets, providing technical solutions and assisting complaying with the latest security certifications.
Workshops / Talks
Rising the security awareness of your company with security presentations, educating through workshops, organizing capture the flag events and performing internal phishing scenarios. vulnerability management