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Twilight photography

Elevate Your Property Sales with Professional Real Estate Photography in Sacramento, California


In an age where most homebuyers start their search online, capturing their attention within seconds is crucial. High-quality images and videos can make all the difference between a listing that is ignored and one that generates a flurry of interest. This is where Dogtooth Production comes in. Based in the greater Sacramento area, we specialize in professional real estate photography in Sacramento, California, as well as promotional videography, walkthrough videos, drone photography, and more.

Why Professional Photography is Essential for Real Estate

When it comes to selling properties, first impressions count. According to studies, listings featuring high-quality photos can garner 118% more online views. Moreover, homes with professional photos tend to sell faster and at higher prices compared to those with poor-quality images.

Virtual Staging and Virtual Tours

In addition to traditional photography, Dogtooth Production offers virtual staging services that transform empty spaces into furnished, inviting rooms. We also provide virtual tours, allowing potential buyers to explore a property without ever leaving their home. These features not only elevate the visual appeal but also offer an interactive experience, encouraging engagement from prospective buyers.

Twilight Photography

Imagine showcasing your property against a backdrop of twilight sky. Our twilight photography service is designed to highlight the unique features of your home or commercial property while capturing the allure of early evening light. This creates a dramatic, eye-catching effect that stands out in listings.

Drone Photography

For properties with large grounds or unique exterior features, drone photography can be an invaluable asset. Our drone photography services offer a bird’s eye view of your property, capturing sweeping landscapes and architectural details that can't be appreciated from ground-level shots.

Walkthrough Video and Virtual Walkthrough

Video content is becoming increasingly essential in online marketing. Our walkthrough video and virtual walkthrough services offer a dynamic view of the property, adding depth and perspective to listings. These are particularly useful for long-distance buyers or those who wish to get a feel of the property before scheduling a physical viewing.

Areas We Serve

We proudly service the greater Sacramento area, which includes Sacramento, West Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Orangevale, El Dorado Hills, and many more.


In the competitive realm of real estate, every edge counts. Leverage the expertise of Dogtooth Production to bring your property listings to life and capture the attention of potential buyers. Our team is committed to providing high-quality professional real estate photography in Sacramento, California, alongside a range of other services that will set your listing apart.

So if you’re a real estate agent or a homeowner in the Sacramento area looking to up your game, visit our website or contact us today for a consultation.

Twilight photography