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Ransomware Negotiation

Modus Cyberandi: Unveiling the 'Why' Behind Cyber Attacks


In the realm of cybersecurity, much attention is given to the 'how'—how the attack happened, how to prevent it, and how to recover. However, one question often overlooked is 'why.' Why did the hacker choose this target? Why did they use this particular method? Understanding the 'why' can offer invaluable insights into preventing future attacks. This is where Modus Cyberandi comes in. Created by a former FBI Behavioral Profiler, we specialize in Cyber Behavioral Profiling to assess the human elements behind cyber attacks.

Why Choose Modus Cyberandi?

Expertise in Behavioral Profiling

Our founder's background in FBI Behavioral Profiling gives us a unique edge in understanding the motivations and methods of cyber adversaries. We don't just look at the code; we look at the person behind the code.

Comprehensive Services

  • Cyber Behavioral Analysis: Understand the motives behind the attack.
  • Profiler: Specialized profiling services for various types of cyber threats.
  • Ransomware Negotiation: Expert negotiation strategies to deal with ransomware attacks.
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: In-depth intelligence reports on potential cyber threats.
  • Threat Hunt: Proactive search for potential threats before they can do harm.
  • Insider Threat: Assessment and mitigation strategies for threats within your organization.

Targeted Risk Mitigation

By understanding the 'why,' we can provide targeted risk mitigation strategies that are more effective than generic solutions.


Modus Cyberandi is not just another cybersecurity firm. We delve deep into the psychology of the hacker to understand their motivations, providing you with an extra layer of defense. If you're looking for a cybersecurity solution that goes beyond the technical aspects, Modus Cyberandi is your go-to choice.

For more information, visit Modus Cyberandi.

Contact Us

If you're in the United States and are looking for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that tackles the human element of cyber threats, feel free to reach out. Your security is our priority, and we aim to provide you with the most effective strategies to keep you safe.

Ransomware Negotiation