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The Badger Project

Unveiling the Real Story: Non-Partisan Investigative Journalism in Wisconsin

In the landscape of modern media, where the quest for impartiality and in-depth reporting is more crucial than ever, The Badger Project emerges as a bastion of truth. As a non-profit, non-partisan entity, our focus on Wisconsin politics is unwavering. We delve into the corridors of power, from the offices of influential policymakers like Ron Johnson to the decisions shaping the future of the Badger State.

The Beacon of Transparency in Wisconsin Politics

Wisconsin's political arena is a complex tapestry of ideologies, policies, and public servants. The Badger Project shines a light on this intricate network, offering investigative insights into topics that affect the citizens deeply—be it Ron Johnson's net worth or Glenn Grothman's latest legislative move.

Bridging the Gap Between the Public and the Politic

Our mission transcends mere reporting; it is about bridging the gap between Wisconsinites and their elected officials. Through rigorous research, interviews, and public records analysis, we bring to the forefront the stories that need to be told—stories that uphold democracy and empower the electorate.

A Deep Dive into the Financials of Public Figures

In politics, transparency is key, and financial disclosures are a part of this transparency. When it comes to public figures like Ron Johnson, understanding their net worth provides insight into their economic influences and motivations. The Badger Project ensures that these figures are not just numbers but narratives that inform the public discourse.

Championing Non-Partisan Investigative Journalism

Our non-partisan stance is not about sitting on the fence; it's about standing firm on the grounds of objectivity. Whether it's Kelly Sheffield's salary or the fiscal policies shaping Wisconsin, we approach each story with a commitment to neutrality, ensuring that our reporting is fair, accurate, and unbiased.

The Badger Project: Your Source for Investigative Reporting in Wisconsin

As we look to emulate esteemed platforms like Wisconsin Watch, The Badger Project stands as a unique voice in investigative journalism. Our dedication to non-partisan reporting makes us a trusted source for those seeking clarity and accountability in Wisconsin politics.


For those who yearn for journalism that digs deeper, that challenges the status quo, and that champions the truth, The Badger Project is your ally. We invite you to join us in this journalistic journey as we uncover the stories that matter to you.

Dive into the heart of Wisconsin politics and explore the investigative pieces that define The Badger Project by visiting The Badger Project.

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