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Private Autism Assessments Ireland

ATC Ireland: Private Psychology Assessment Services – A Gateway to Understanding and Support

Empowering Lives Through Expert Autism Assessments

ATC Ireland stands at the forefront of private psychological assessments, particularly in the realm of autism, serving areas including Dublin, Waterford, Galway, and Cork. With a dedicated focus on comprehensive and empathetic evaluations, our services pave the way for a better understanding of each individual's unique needs.

Why Choose ATC Ireland for Autism Assessments?

Comprehensive and Tailored Assessments

Expert Evaluations: Our assessments are conducted by experienced professionals, including renowned psychologist Caroline Goldsmith. We offer detailed evaluations that cater to children, adolescents, and adults, ensuring every age group receives the attention and care they deserve.

All-Inclusive Service: At ATC Ireland, we understand the multi-faceted nature of autism. Therefore, our assessments cover various aspects necessary for DCA allowance, school supports, preschool admissions, and coordination with private SLT, OT, and other essential services.

Timely and Accessible Support

No More Waiting Lists: In a realm where timely intervention is crucial, we ensure that waiting times are minimized. Our efficient scheduling allows for prompt assessments, ensuring that individuals and families get the support they need without unnecessary delays.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing: Understanding the financial aspect of healthcare, we offer our comprehensive assessment and diagnostic report services at a cost of €575.00. This transparent pricing ensures families can plan and manage their expenses effectively.

A Step Towards a Brighter Future

Empowering Individuals: Our goal at ATC Ireland is not just to assess but to empower. We provide the insights needed for individuals to understand their strengths and areas where they might need support, paving the way for tailored interventions and therapies.

A Foundation for Growth: With our assessments, parents, educators, and healthcare professionals can work together to create an environment that nurtures growth, learning, and development, giving every individual the head start they need.

Contact Us Today

Ready to take the first step towards understanding and support? Contact ATC Ireland at 087 387 6841 for a private autism assessment in Dublin, Waterford, Galway, or Cork. Let us help you and your loved ones on this journey towards a more informed and supportive future.

Private Autism Assessments Ireland