Cloud for business: e-Business tactics

This website is designed for small businesses in North Carolina interested in learning about and taking advantage of the vast opportunities the Internet provides. This particular information website explores the ”Cloud for Business” and how you can make the Cloud work for you.

Is this site for me?


If you own, or are part of a small to medium size (1-50+ employees) business (SMB) in North Carolina – then this site was made with you in mind!

This site is designed to serve as a guide to businesses that:

  1. have tentatively started to use the Cloud, but want to learn more about its possibilities; or 

  2. are actively using various Internet applications but need to know more before expanding into Cloud computing. 

Our goal in breaking down the concept of Cloud computing is to save you time and money in researching and applying Cloud technology.

State of Cloud NC

Read below for benefits of using this site and how to get started.  Click here to view and download the full infographic.


This is a one stop site for businesses to understand and apply “the Cloud” easily. On this site you will find:

  • Information on what the Cloud is.
  • Best practices in using the Cloud.
  • Resources for making Cloud computing work for you.
  • Templates, case studies, product reviews, etc. to give you what you need to implement a Cloud plan that’s a fit for your business.
The site draws on examples from other small to medium enterprises.



You’ve found the only site to-date that has invested in gathering all of the relevant tools, data, statistics, case studies, and best practices into one online, North Carolina focused resource.

Relevant: The site offers resources for companies like YOURS – because it was built on data from businesses in and similar to North Carolina.

Money saver: As a business owner this site will save you countless hours of research….and all of the tools are free.

Get started

To make your experience here even more effective, choose the issues most relevant to you.

1. Cloud defined

Not sure what the Cloud is? This page will explain the Cloud in simple business terms.

2. Why use the Cloud?

It can help your company save time,  money and more. We make it easy to understand how.

3. Build your Cloud

Tools and resources to help your company benefit from the Cloud. Step by step business planning, resource links, etc.
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How business use this website

Education: from basics to more complex Cloud definitions, how to’s, etc.

Strategic planning: which Cloud applications will provide the best results for your company? Step by step outlines for creating your own Cloud plan.

Business cases: what similar companies are doing that is successful.

Resources: find some of the best articles, sources, groups that all specialize in the Cloud. Save hours of research with the Resource page.

Launch a Cloud strategy: how to create an easy to follow plan and execute it.

The Cloud at work in North Carolina

This website was developed using data on Cloud computing use in North Carolina. How other small businesses use the Cloud can be helpful in identifying trends that you as a business leader should know. If your company needs statistics for your business case studies click here for highlights.

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