Customer support: e-Business tactics

This e-Business tactic is designed for small to medium businesses who want to explore online customer support and its importance in business success. We know that good customer service is crucial to retain customers and to attract new ones through referrals and reputation – but what does “good” really mean and just how important is good customer service to your online business activities? 

Consider these statistics from a recent American Express study: 

  • 78% of consumers have left a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of poor customer service. 

  • 59% of survey customers will try a new brand or company for a better service experience.

You can lose or gain customers and your competitors loss can be to your benefit - What side of this equation do you want to be on? 

This 2 minute video explains the benefits of this website and the why you should invest a little time in better understanding customer support and service. 

Is this site for me?

This e-Business tactic includes industry best practices for customer service, new tools, strategies and more. This website offers education through video, articles, statistics, case studies and other tools that will being real examples and practices to your customer service program. 

If you own, or are part of a small to medium size (1-50+ employees) business (SMB) in North Carolina, then this site was made with you in mind! This site is designed to serve as a guide to businesses that:

  1. Have little to no online customer support policies in place and want an easy way to get started; or 

  2. Have a basic customer support program in place, but want to add more and become more effective.

This customer support e-Business tactic represents hundreds of hours of online research collated into one easy to use website that you can easily browse and includes a wide range of topics such as:

ScreenHunter_243 Apr. 25 17.21

  • customer relations management systems

  • live chat

  • ticketing programs

  • self-help portals

  • self-serve options (data entry for orders etc.)

  • optimizing returns

  • forums

  • social media

  • and more …


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Is your company mentioned on any of the online review sites? Do you have a customer service and support plan in place that include the new elements of CRMs, online reviews, social media in addition to new website tools, live chat and more?

You don’t need to have it all, but there are some great tools available and considerations to understand for you companies success in this new online world. Here is an example from 
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What are common benefits of online customer support?  

  1. Immediate: support can be offered immediately online

  2. Quality: with client data at your fingertips, your service will be better

  3. Personalized: knowing your customer and products helps your business retain customers and sell more through techniques like up-sales. 

  4. On customer terms: interact with clients on their terms and via their channels of choice, e.g. using social media, smart phones, etc. to optimize the client experience. 

Use the tactics in this site to be diligent in preventing negative events, gain confidence for online activity and create a positive plan.


Get started:

To get the most from this website we recommend following the steps below to learn about online customer service, why it matters, and how to get started in creating or enhancing your own plan.

1. What is online customer service?

Not sure what online security means? This page will explain online security in simple terms.

2. Why use online customer service?

What are the benefits to your company, staff, clients and bottom line of offering great customer service. 

3. Create your plan

Resources to help your company begin/advance customer support program. 
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Value of this website

This is a one stop site for businesses to understand and apply “online customer support”. On this site you will find:
  • information on what online customer support is

  • best practices

  • resources for planning

  • templates, case studies and product reviews to implement an online support work plan for your business

Online business activity is crucial for business competition, growth and success and customer support is a big element in closing sales and improving online brand.

Customer service: 5 points in 2 minutes

Source: volusion

Want to know more?

The next section will tell you about some of the key elements of online customer support. Click here to go to the next section on “What is Customer Support” to learn what is involved.

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