Online marketing: e-Business tactics 

You have invested time and money in a website and/or online presence in eStores, services, and products.

Now for the most important step


Online marketing, also known as eMarketing is one of the most critical methods.


Is this site for me?

If you want to expand your number of potential customers, then this e-Business tactic website is for you! You do NOT need to be selling online to benefit from online marketing, but you should have at least a basic website. Why? Online marketing needs to point to a place online for customers to find out more about your company. Need a website? Click here to see how you can make one easily.

If you have a website and want to drive more customers to your products and services online, you need online marketing. If you are overwhelmed by the volume of online marketing options and material, this e-Business tactic website will give you the tools you need to cut through the noise and develop an online marketing strategy that suits your company’s needs, capacity and goals.  This website will review the main components of eMarketing so your company can begin, or evolve, your online marketing strategy, including:

  • defining the main elements of online marketing (email, organic/SEO, paid advertising, social media, content, analytics);
  • determining what online marketing methods are best for your company and products;
  • listing trends and statistics related to online marketing;
  • exploring mainstream and cutting edge practices; and,
  • providing resources on beneficial applications like community portals, collaboration tools, communications, apps and more.

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Get started

Whether you are just getting started with your online marketing efforts or have some prior knowledge about eMarketing, we recommend starting with the overview of “What is eMarketing?” to see the range of online marketing activities you may consider.

1. What is Online marketing?

 2. Why eMarketing?

 3. Build an eMarketing plan.

This page will explain eMarketing and its main components like newsletters, social media, PR, etc. 

The value of eMarketing for business and main benefits of the core marketing activities.

Resources to begin or advance your plan for eMarketing.

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It is busy online

In one day on the Internet:

  • Enough information is consumed to fill 168 million DVDs

  • 294 billion emails are sent

  • 2 million blog posts are written (enough posts to fill TIME magazine for 770 million years)

  • 172 million people visit Facebook

  • 40 million visit Twitter

  • 22 million visit LinkedIn

  • 20 million visit Google+

  • 17 million visit Pinterest

  • 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook

  • 532 million statuses are updated

  • 250 million photos are uploaded

  • 22 million hours of tv and movies are watched on Netflix

  • 864,000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube

  • More than 35 million apps are downloaded

  • More iPhones are sold than people are born

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The number of active website online has dramatically increased in recent years with over 644 million sites in 2012 and growth of approximately 8% per year.


Online marketing is necessary for customers to find your business 

There are strategies that work. Creating a step by step plan makes it viable for any business to improve their online presence.


Uses and benefits of this website

Website benefits: Website uses:

Value: this is a one stop site to learn online marketing and build a business case and plan for your business.

On this site you will find:

  • information on what online marketing is

  • best practices in online marketing planning

  • templates, case studies, product reviews, etc. to implement a online marketing plan for your company

Powerful: this is the only website that has invested in gathering all of the relevant tools, data, statistics, case studies, and best practices into one online North Carolina -focused resource.

Relevant: This site offers resources for organizations like YOURS – because it was built on data from North Carolina studies and resources.

Strategic planning: step by step guide for creating a customized online marketing plan.

Business cases: what similar organizations are doing that is successful in the region.

Resources: find some of the best articles, sources and groups that all specialize in online marketing. Save hours of research with the resource page.

Launch an online marketing plan: how to create an online marketing plan and execute it.

Money saver: this site will save your company countless hours of research.

Education: identifying key issues and best practices, and links to a broad range of resources.

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