Remote work: e-Business tactics

This website is designed for businesses interested in taking advantage of the remote work opportunities the Internet provides. This website is a one stop shop for learning about remote work. It outlines benefits to businesses, workers and their communities and offers resources for successful remote work planning and execution.

Is this site for me?

Remote work has a place in businesses of all sizes. This website is designed to help businesses explore the various forms and benefits of remote work. This website:

  • Defines remote work from a variety of perspectives.  Remote work can also be referred to as: telecommuting, mobile work, cloud work, home based work, and freelance.

  • Focuses on: small to medium enterprises that may already be engaged in limited remote work and want to learn more about its possibilities; or businesses that may be actively using Internet applications and processes, but have not yet started remote working. 

  • Contains resource sections for employer and worker application of remote work including remote work definitions, policy templates, “how to” links for remote work tools, applications and more.

  • If you are interested in remote work issues, you may also want to visit the Cloud tactic website. Familiarity with the Cloud and related tools is critical for effective remote work.


View the quick video above for information on why remote work should matter to you and how to use this resource website. 

This website offers a breakdown of resources for employers as well as the varied levels of remote work options (full time, part time, contract) for interested workers. Here are a few results from a 2012 survey in North Carolina:

ScreenHunter_212 Mar. 12 21.44

Click here to view and download the full infographic.

Two perspectives on remote work

This website is divided into two sections for Employers and Workers.  

Choose your starting place as an Employer or Worker below then follow the progression from what the key elements of remote work are, benefits of these elements, specific resource listings and finally to creating a remote work plan to meet your needs. Employers should also review the Worker section to understand and consider the key factors and benefits that make remote work successful for workers.


Organizations that will benefit from this site include:: small businesses, government and economic development agencies and other organizations that are researching and/or strategically implementing remote work. This section is dedicated to remote work resources from a management perspective.

Goals: may include attracting and retaining skilled staff, specialized business functions, attracting new remote workers to the region, environmental mandates, staff training, solution procurement, and options for implementing management strategies. .

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Workers can include: any person who is considering remote work or already working remotely.  This can include: employees, contractors, and self-employed individuals who are researching the option of remote work; or, workers looking to improve current remote work practices. This section is for people who are or plan to be involved in remote work and can include business owners as well as staff.

Goals: may include understanding what remote work is and whether it is right for you, learning about the latest remote work tools/programs, techniques, common FAQs (frequently asked questions), access to resources, articles, sample management tools, and contracts.  

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Remote work is a growing and positive trend. Use this e-Business tactic website to find out more about this work style and how to participate successfully. For example, the graph below illustrates responses from a 2012 survey of over 4,000 households in North Carolina in which respondents provided their reasons for remote/teleworking.

ScreenHunter_347 Dec. 20 17.47

. A Cisco national survey shows 3 of 5 workers said they do not need to be in the main office to be productive anymore, (click here for full graphic)

The image below was a banner on the home page of one of the world’s most popular freelance sites….

ScreenHunter_250 May. 08 18.31
As this image shows, North Carolinians are participating successfully in remote work right now. (* Note this image was captured in 2013 and may not be in the banner when you visit the site.) 

How businesses use this website

  • get information on what remote work is and means for your business

  • best practices in remote working

  • resources for remote work engagement

  • templates, case studies, product reviews, etc., to implement a remote work plan for your business


Value: this is a one stop site for employers & workers to learn and apply Remote Work solutions easily. 

Powerful: this is the only website that has invested in gathering all of the relevant tools, data, statistics, case studies, best practices into one online North Carolina focused resource.

Relevant: This site offers resources for companies like YOURS – because it was built on data from businesses in and similar to North Carolina.

Education: identifying key issues and best practices, and links to a broad range of resources. .

Strategic planning: identifying which remote work applications will provide the best results for a company. Step by step outlines for creating a remote work plan. . ..

Business cases: what similar companies are doing that is successful in the region. /.

Resources: find some of the best articles, sources, groups that all specialize in remote work. Save hours of research with the Resource page..

Launch a remote work strategy: how to create a plan as an employer or a remote worker and execute it.

Money saver: As a business owner this site will save you countless hours of research.  

Get Started

Learn about the different facets and modes of remote work and decide what is relevant to your business. Click here to go to the first section, “What is Remote Work”.

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