Online security and privacy: e-Business tactics

This website is designed for small to medium businesses who want to benefit from online business activities. This particular website explores online security and privacy and their importance in business success.

Is this site for me?

If you own, or are part of a small to medium size (1-50+ employees) business (SMB) in North Carolina, then this site was made with you in mind! This site is designed to serve as a guide to businesses that: 

  1. have little to no security or privacy policies in place and want an easy way to get started; or 

  2. have an understanding of basic security and privacy and want to know more about specific issues such as email security or virus protection. 

Our goal in breaking down the concepts of security and privacy is to save you time and money in researching and applying security measures. A wide range of topics are reviewed in this e-Business tactic website including: email security, e-commerce, viruses, environmental risks, security tips, free resources, planning and more. We understand that alongside all of the other roles small businesses have to take on, security is a daunting one. This website is designed to make it easier.

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Security and privacy can be a positive experience

Online security and privacy can be a positive element of your business plan. In fact, it can even be used to improve your brand, marketing and client experience.This website will provide best practice solutions to help your company design and implement a security plan. The plan outline will be:

  1. Manageable:  step by step considerations for building, implementing and/or improving your security plan

  2. Positive: communicating the security and privacy plan to staff and clients to improve business process and branding

  3. Motivating: to encourage adoption and diligence by business, staff and clients

  4. Best practice: resources are collected from industry leaders

Value of this website

This is a one stop site for businesses to understand and apply “online security and privacy”. On this site you will find:

  • information on what online security is

  • online security best practices

  • resources for security and privacy planning

  • templates, case studies and product reviews to implement an online security work plan for your business

Online business activity is crucial for business competition, growth and success. Don’t let fear of online security keep you from taking advantage of broadband.

What are the major issues surrounding online security and privacy?

  1. Theft: of money, data and/or intellectual property

  2. Destructive activities: malicious, accidental, environmental

  3. Security/Privacy: protecting your business AND your clients

  4. Brand & identity: making your security practices part of your company’s branding and marketing

Use this website to be diligent in preventing negative events, gain confidence for online activity and create a positive plan.

 Of 2,336 businesses in North Carolina 39% cited security as a very important barrier to using the internet, don’t let that be you!

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Don’t let online security and privacy keep your business offline! 

Concern related to online security and privacy is holding many small businesses back from gaining the critical benefit of engaging in online business.  In North Carolina, business respondents cited security and privacy as their top barriers to greater broadband use.

Take the next steps:

This tactic website allows visitors who are new to online security and privacy the opportunity to progress from understanding what security is, to understanding the key factors, and, with this knowledge, to customize a plan. 

1. What is security?

Not sure what online security means? This page will explain online security in simple terms.

2. Security factors

What elements create security risks? Website traps, viruses, hackers, servers, social media, personnel, programs and more.

3. Create your plan

Resources to help your company begin/advance an online security program. Sample security and privacy plans.
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