Selling online: e-Business tactics

Global online sales passed $1 trillion in 2012. How can your business cash in? 

Selling goods and services online has been around to some degree ever since the Internet and worldwide web was established. However, online sales have grown fourfold in the US between 2002 and 2012 and reached $1 trillion globally. This trend will only continue as technologies continue to evolve and become more prevalent in both the consumer and business environments. This creates opportunities and challenges for both new and established businesses – opportunities to “cash in” on a growing trend along with challenges of how to make it happen within established business models.

The benefits of selling online are worthwhile for most businesses. In addition to the global trends, businesses in North Carolina engaged in online sales demonstrated a 27% increase in retail revenues in 2010. If your organization is interested in selling online this e-Business tactic website will provide you with the information you need, including definitions, best practices, challenges and the opportunities selling online provides.

Is this site for me? 


This Selling Online e-Business tactic website will be a valuable website if you represent a small to medium size business that is planning to begin or improve selling online. The website includes useful information and resources for:

  • defining online sales and its benefits

  • building a business case for selling online

  • best practices for developing, executing and managing online sales initiatives

  • exploring the options that make sense for your business

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The majority of businesses in rural communities indicate that both a lack of resources and security concerns are barriers to selling online.

Click here to visit the Security e-Business tactic website for additional resources that demystify security issues and for developing effective security plans.

 Get started

Whether you are just beginning to sell online or have some experience, we recommend starting with the overview of “what is selling online” and progress through to developing or enhancing your online sales plan.

1. What is selling online?

 2. Why sell online?

 3. Online sales planning.

Not sure what selling online is? This page will explain selling online in industry accepted terms.

The value of selling online for your business

Resources to help your company begin/advance an online sales plan. includes strategy for start up or adding online sales to current business.

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Your business stage:  

Starting a new business:  If you are starting  a new business it is essential to consider selling online as a fundamental part of your business plan. Selling online can provide a new business with tremendous market reach. In fact, there are many new businesses whose business model is exclusively based on selling online.

Have a current business but new to online sales: If you have an established business and are new to selling online or want to improve your online sales capabilities, it is important to determine what makes the most sense for your business. Not only can you increase your customers and sales, but your ability to sell online also helps to make you competitive in your marketplace and meet the challenges of global competition.  

NC online sales highlights:

People are buying and transacting online:

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Businesses that sell online generate more annual revenue:

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Site benefits and uses:

Value: this is a one stop site to learn about selling online and build a business case and plan.

On this site you will find:

  • information on what selling online means

  • best practices in online sales planning

  • templates, case studies, product reviews, etc. to implement an online sales plan 

Powerful: this is the only website that has invested in gathering all of the relevant tools, data, statistics, case studies, best practices into one online NC-focused resource.

Relevant: This site offers resources for organizations like YOURS – because it was built on data from NC studies and resources.

Strategic planning: step by step outlines for creating an online sales plan.

Business cases: what similar organizations are doing that is successful in the region.

Resources: find some of the best articles, sources and groups that all specialize in selling online. Save hours of research with the resource page.

Launch an online plan: how to create a plan and execute it.

Money saver: this site will save you countless hours of research.

Education: identifying key issues and best practices, and links to a broad range of resources.      

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