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Best Employee Survey Tools

Among other services, such as 360-degree feedback for management development, management coaching, personality profiles and organisational development support, we provide online employee surveys. We concentrate on promoting this service as it is a great way of getting a foot in the door with the client and typically they then engage us for those other services once we have run their survey. If you watch the two very short videos on the web page you will see what we do and what features/USP we offer. The typical person who contacts us about working for them would be a HR director or Manager and sometimes their communications manager. In brief, the reasons why a business (50 -10000 employees is our target market)

Online tailored staff surveys & focus groups

Fast setup – fully project managed

Explanatory videos for your staff

Internal communications support

Response anonymity guaranteed

7 day online support

Interactive results dashboard

Annual or regular pulse surveys

Multi language surveys

Responses statistically analysed

EEI, eNPS and equality metrics

GDPR compliant

Encrypted responses
Best Employee Survey Tools